ALDI UK: TRAVELER Slimline 5.2MP Digital Camera each £ 149.99

Special Buys with Aldi UK starting from 2nd June 2005

TRAVELER Slimline 5.2MP Digital Camera

TRAVELER Slimline 5.2MP Digital Camera £ 149.99

Wish you’d been able to capture that special moment forever? Well, this ultra-slim, pocketsized digital camera is so compact you can carry it with you wherever you go, so you need never miss that magical photo opportunity again. It features a large 2.5″ TFT monitor and 3 x optical zoom to enable you to set up the perfect shot. All the necessary accessories are included to reproduce the images you take via your computer.

* 5.2 mega pixels
* 256 MB SD memory card
* 2 x rechargeable batteries (included)
* Adaptor
* Image processing software
* Driver CD
* USB cable port
* TV cable port
* Car kit with separate charger
* Camera cradle for easier downloading
* 1/2-1/1,000 sec shutter speed

each £ 149.99

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4 Responses to ALDI UK: TRAVELER Slimline 5.2MP Digital Camera each £ 149.99

  1. Janie sagt:

    I lost my instruction booklet. is there anywhere to replace it??

  2. wEBTIn sagt:

    You find some infos on
    The maginon slimline X5 is the same camera.

    Sorry, the informations are in German, but you have google-languages-tools

  3. Peter Ippolito sagt:

    I bought a traveler slimline x5 at aldi’s in Rock Hill, SC and it did not come with a car kit. Does any one know where I can get one? Thanks! Pete I.

  4. Carl Westlund sagt:

    Can I still get this camera package?? If yes, where and how mcuh?

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